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Bellegrove Homeowners Association

- Presently most HOA fees are around $65 per month.

- Community Clubhouse

- Pool

- Trash Pickup

- Security

Among the amenities that you will find in BelleGrove are security services, a clubhouse including a large swimming pool, playground and basketball court, gazebo overlooking a lake, and bike trails. Many residents in the community have thanked us for helping them find the perfect home in BelleGrove.

The Bellegrove HOA Website may be found HERE.

What you should know about Homeowners Associations

When you are planning to purchase a property with a Homeowners Association, you must familiarize yourself with HOA's and their regulations. These regulations are frequently used to administer home and condo communities. HOA’s can be a headache and beneficial at the same time. The following article will help you understand them better.

The rules and regulations of an HOA are intended to make living in the community, comfortable and enjoyable. They also help in maintaining the property value by imposing restrictions on unsightly constructions and other activities that could harm the resale value of the property.

One of the distinct advantages of living in an HOA-administered community is the regular maintenance of the facilities inside the compound such as the lobby, the corridors, and the parking areas etc. As a homeowner living in the community you will share all those facilities with the rest of the community without having to do any housekeeping.

Disputes with neighbors or any other issues affecting the community can be taken to the HOA for a permanent resolution. The HOA may also handle things like security of the compound, lawn upkeep, trash pickup and snow removal. Furthermore, it can help arrange community functions and meetings.

Since all these benefits are shared by the whole HOA community, membership is binding on all its residents. You will have to pay the required dues, which will cover certain common facilities. Before moving into a community, it is advisable to research the HOA fees, the coverage it provides and how often assessments have been made in the past. Sometimes when major upgrades are needed, or damages have occurred to common areas for some reason, the board will be forced to require the residents to pay extra to cover these costs - known as an "assessment".

Additionally, due to the HOA restrictions you may not have complete freedom to modify or upgrade your home. This could range from the type of fencing that may be used in the back yard to the size of the pool. There may even be some limitations on times of the day during which you cannot make noise or disturb neighbors. Other restrictions could include barring pets or in the case of age-restricted community, people under a certain age may not be allowed. Each community has its own by-laws.

If a resident is found to break any of the HOA regulations, fines are usually imposed. If the owner fails to pay the fine or continues to break the by-law, the HOA could even attempt to foreclose on the home. This seldom happens, but it is a possibility. When you purchase the property, you have to agree to abide by the rules of the HOA and pay the required dues.

HOA’s have a bad reputation in some condos and areas in Myrtle Beach. Take some time out to research the Association in place before you buy. This is another reason it is so important to hire the right agent to help in your search for a home. Carolina Forest's HOA's are said to be well-managed, reasonable, and proactive.

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