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Nine Things Your Next Listing Agent Must Have

Hiring a listing agent is a wise decision that will give you access to more willing buyers than you could ever find on your own. With so many listing agents to choose from, who should you hire? Do not repeat the same mistake as thousands of other sellers make – hiring a listing agent without proper scrutiny. Following is a comprehensive outline of the things we at Century 21 The Harrelson Group tell those who ask what you should seek in your listing agent.

1) Experience

Experienced agents definitely provide better results. An experience of five years or more is considered a benchmark. However, you may also want to look at newer licensees who may have the spark to sell your home.

2) Past Performance

Past performance gives huge credibility to the agent. Agents, who have little to show for their efforts in the last few months, will most likely be short on funds. This can adversely affect their ability to market your home properly.

3) Familiar with the local market

You would want a listing agent who has experience in your neighborhood or at least has researched your area well. Hiring an agent who has been working in your neighborhood for several years would greatly increase the visibility of your home to interested buyers in your locality.

4) High list price to sales price ratio

List price to sale price ratio gives the sales price as a percentage of the listing price. The closer this ratio is to 100% the better. Top listing agents can price homes within 2% of the market price which is considered very accurate.

5) Success with relevant listings

Determine how many local listings similar to your home, has the agent completed successfully. Try to hire an agent that specializes in your type and size of homes. Such an agent would provide you the most competitive rates as well as the best service for your needs.

6) Regular communication

Communication is vital for a successful business relationship. Discuss the frequency of updates you want and schedule meetings in advance. You need an agent who is open and wiling to discuss things with you.

7) References and testimonials

Check the resume, portfolio or brochure for relevant references and testimonial. Contact these people and inquire them about the listing agent’s company and the service they provided. Go through their education and job history to confirm that they have the required skills and experience.

8) Robust marketing plan

Ask the agents you interview, to describe and present their marketing plan. You should hire an agent who pursues an aggressive marketing plan to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible.

9) Online marketing strategy

Determine the online presence of the agent – their website or blog. A great number of buyers are now turning to the internet to search for a new home. Ensure that you hire an agent that has both online and offline markets covered. See if the agency shows up in the search engines in a search for the area's real estate.

Hiring a listing agent who is equipped with all the above qualities, guarantees that your home will be sold for the best price. At Century 21 The Harrelson Group, you can count on us to meet these requirements.

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